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You need a Certified Court Interpreter — today! What can you do?

Prevent hassles and stress by downloading the ASAP Interpreter App, with a network of qualified interpreters available when and where you need them. It’s completely free with no subscription fee.

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How Does the ASAP Interpreter App Work?

Like popular ride-sharing apps, ASAP Interpreter uses the latest global positioning technology to locate available interpreters in your area and alert them to your request. An interpreter will respond as soon as possible to assist you, and you’ll be notified of the expected arrival time.

  • The in-app messaging feature allows you to communicate directly with your interpreter to coordinate any needed details.
  • All of our interpreters are experienced State and/or Federal court interpreters with verified professional certifications/qualifications.
  • We provide convenient secure payment processing through our credit card system.
  • The ASAP Interpreter App is easy to use and provides outstanding service from highly qualified professional interpreters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply download the free app, complete the user-friendly registration form, and enter your credit card information. Then access the service by selecting “Find An Interpreter.”

Yes. To ensure the security of our clients’ data, ASAP Interpreter uses Stripe, a company that provides safe Internet transactions for 100,000+ online businesses.

Payments are processed automatically through our convenient credit card system at the time of service, in accordance with standard practice for on-demand apps.

ASAP Interpreter vets all interpreters participating in our network. We review and record all applicable credentials and certifications, as well as prior experience and expertise in the legal field.

Absolutely.  Call us at (949) 864-6450 or email ASAP Interpreter will make every effort to send you the same interpreter, even at the last minute. You may also book the same person for future events.

You will receive both an in-app notification and a confirmation email.

Yes, this is highly encouraged, and most of our established clients pre-book interpreters well in advance.  Please visit our website at: to find out more about our services.  Call us at (949) 864-6450 or email with any questions or requests.

Interpreters: We’d love to add you to our network of highly skilled professionals. Please contact us at